What People Say About Our Solutions

Educators, administrators, and students all agree on one thing: Achieve3000’s digital learning solutions work. But don’t take our word for it.

That is what I really appreciate about Achieve3000: there isn’t any script. It's dynamic in the sense that it works directly with the student-specific needs. We have that flexibility to target what we need to target, tie it to thematic units within our curriculum, and/or pick and choose certain articles that are either high-interest or related to the content that we're teaching. To me, that's what makes it the best, because it's accessible to students at any given time with flexibility for both the teacher and the student.

Louisa Aguirre-Baeza, Director of the Academic Language Programs, Ysleta, TX Independent School District, El Paso, Texas

I love the data that Achieve3000 provides; if we see a red flag, we have so much we can dive into to find out what caused us to see a decrease. We had anticipated initial growth and a plateau, but we’re halfway through our fourth year with Achieve3000 and we’re still seeing the closing of the gap. If we keep using it consistently, we’re going to get them there.

Rachel Porter, Digital Curriculum Integration Specialist, Southwest Park Community Schools, IN

Students engage in collaborative conversations because they all read about the same topics. This can lead to an increase in transferable skills across all texts and content areas. This is exactly what we want—for our students to understand the power of literacy as currency.

Dr. Shelmon Brown, K-12 Literacy and Language Arts Facilitator, Colorado Springs School District 11, CO

If it weren’t for Achieve3000, our teachers would still be scrambling to plan lessons around non-fiction text, our ELA scores wouldn’t be as high, and we wouldn’t be in as good of a place.

Kerridyn Trusheim, Supervisor of Curriculum, Bloomingdale School District, NJ

Although I have been teaching for 18 years, this is my first year using Achieve 3000. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using the program to teach my struggling readers. The content is very engaging, the resources are wonderful and the support I have received from Chloe English has been so very helpful. Keep up the good work!

Becky Leister, Downingtown Area School District

As a new teacher, Achieve3000 allows me a little more time to breathe. The kids seem to love it. Achieve days are our favorite!

Kaitlin Sublette, Waukegan Public Schools

With Achieve3000, we had the ability to pick and choose articles to align with our curriculum. Articles are automatically distributed by the program, giving students enough articles to read throughout the week. However, if we were learning about space, we had the autonomy to drag and drop several articles about space into the student dashboard, infusing this resource into our curriculum. If we were practicing a certain skill, such as main idea and supporting details, we simply chose articles based on the standard. The flexibility was key. The format of the articles was refreshing. It begins with a "thought question", where students are posed with a question about a certain topic. After giving their opinion and explaining their thoughts, students then read the article and answered comprehension questions. At the end, they were again asked to give their opinion. The opportunity to change their mind about a given topic after having received new information on that topic was a feature kids aren't often exposed to. It boosted confidence knowing that there wasn't a right or wrong answer.

Brett Greenhold, 5th Grade Teacher, Freehold, NJ

We had so much fun with the contests, my classes competing against each other, and teachers competing against the other teachers. My students just loved the competitions.

Barbara Randolph, Eighth Grade English Language Arts Teacher

“Some students who have Lexiles of 1100 and some with 800 are in the same class. It’s hard for a teacher to differentiate that many different types of articles for every student in the class. With Achieve3000, the kids with higher Lexile measures are challenged more with critical thinking, while those with lower Lexiles are challenged at their own level.”

Lorra Tanner, Elementary School Teacher, Geary Elementary, WV

Achieve3000 is an avenue that will create lift immediately within your school district. It differentiates instruction. It gives an opportunity to have blended learning implemented within your school district. And, you get a chance to have rich, high-quality, complex text in front of your students every single day.

Addison Davis, Superintendent, Clay County District Schools, FL

Achieve3000 gives us the ability to address equity regardless of the students’ ability level … those advanced students who don’t always get as much of their teachers’ time could be challenged in the same way as some of their classmates who struggle to keep up.

Dr. Tony Robinson, Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Education, Cape Girardeau Public Schools, MO

From the beginning of November to the end of January, we moved over 100 students from being ‘not on track for college/career readiness’ to being ‘on track.’ We didn’t necessarily think that in three months’ usage we would surpass that expectation, but we did.

Earl Metzler, Superintendent, Timberlane Regional School District, NH

We are so very proud of the English language arts growth of our students at Molo Middle School. Our emphasis on literacy as a true fundamental building block of educational success has surely been enhanced by our partnership with the Achieve3000 team. The administrators and staff at Molo have worked extremely hard with the help of the program to ensure future academic success for all of their students.

Karl Bruchhaus, Superintendent, Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, LA

Using Achieve3000 seemed like a natural way to foster and reiterate the importance we already wanted to put on reading.

Principal Rex Crosnoe, Central Middle School, Cape Girardeau Public Schools, MO

With implementation of Achieve3000 over a five-year span, the 7th grade reading levels on AIMS Meets & Exceeds increased from 55% to 80%! We closed the gap in state averages from 12% below to only 2% below. We used the program a few times a week in our reading classes and integrated it with the Social Studies and Science departments on a weekly basis as well. Students and teachers love this program!

Allen Flax, Principal, Poston High School, Mesa, AZ

Achieve3000 is the one program in our digital resource suite our teachers say they absolutely cannot live without :). We appreciate your partnership as we work together to strengthen our students’ reading skills!

Brooke Zehmer, Principal, Landis Elementary School, Rowan-Salisbury

It’s very enjoyable and fun, I would love to do it next year!

ELL Student, Cajon Valley Unified School District, CA

I used to be afraid to read because people would think I was a slow reader and now I'm not afraid to read anymore.

Student, Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, IL

I was terrible at reading. My dad had tried so hard to help me, and it was not working. So, when I first started Achieve3000 it kind of boosted my confidence to actually help myself read better.

4th Grade Student, Forrest Road Elementary, Muscogee County School District, GA

Achieve3000 is very convenient to use. It offers a large bank of articles at different levels and extensive practice of answering exam-style questions. The variety of the question types and the support for inclusion are lifesavers.

Peter Bull, Senior Instructor, American University of Sharjah

Achieve3000 Literacy is a wonderful reading program that keeps the students focused and engaged. The rewarding system, career tracker, and many more things make the system effective in classes.

The differentiated articles and activities, the integration with other subjects, and the novelty of the articles help in raising students’ interest in reading. We are really lucky to have this system in our school.

Amal Al Shriti, English and Innovation Coordinator, Liwa International School

After experiencing the platform for about a month now, I believe that Achieve3000 Literacy has served the purpose of promoting personalized learning and would help us in enhancing nonfiction, academic reading in the school. The fact of having the same stories on a variety of Lexile levels and allowing students to work at different paces is another reason why I like this product. Additionally, apart from the assigned text, students have the choice to search for articles of their interests which motivates them to read more along with the badges and rewards they earn.

Zeina Younnes, English Subject Leader, Greenwood International School, Dubai

Let me start by saying that I am impressed with the interface. Most of the learners are no longer as frustrated as they used to be while they are reading. As a teacher, it provides me with a gigantic number of resources, lesson plans, exercises, and more. I have noticed that most of the middle school students are challenged as they are always trying to get higher points and increase the number of activities they complete.

Shatha Melies, Middle School Coordinator, Greenwood International School, Dubai

Achieve3000 is both a strong learning solution for our students at JBS, almost all of whom are bilingual, and an analytical tool for teachers, school management, and our UAE school inspection.

Students find the concept of reading for college and work readiness powerful, in terms of recognizing where they are on their literacy journey. The game-based platform engages their interest as they work through each differentiated level our the course of the academic year. For class teachers, especially those working with our EAL English groups, they can adapt their teaching around key topics using Achieve3000 text options to create meaningful connections between reading and writing activities; as an IB school the range of topics available on Achieve3000 and the independent learning aspect, follows the inquiry-based learning approach of our curriculum design.

Sara Kate Jordan, Subject Leader, Jumeira Baccalaureate School, Dubai

The articles in Achieve3000 Literacy are always up-to-date. It offers excellent discussion activities between students and teachers. Teachers are easily able to monitor reading growth which is an extremely important measure for our school. It offers formative assessments and standards-based lessons. In addition, teachers can pick and choose from a rich variety of resources such as newspaper articles, differentiated fiction stories, and even videos.

Mahmoud Ahmad Digital Learning Coordinator, International Community School, Abu Dhabi

Being matched with personal Lexile levels and the ease of navigation, Achieve3000 makes reading easier and more engaged for students. Thus, allows students to improve their reading proficiency within almost less than a semester. We appreciate having the program in our school and very happy to see continuous progress throughout the distance learning period.

Baligh Hamdy, Vice Principal, New Academy School, Dubai

What I love about Achieve3000 is that it provides students with individualized acceleration based on their unique level which allows teachers to seamlessly differentiate curriculum for students. Additionally, what I love is that as a company Achieve3000 is invested in making necessary developments and advances to keep enhancing the user experience for students, teachers, parents, and leaders.

The advantage of using Achieve3000 for me as a leader is the ability to see the data and track the real-time growth of students' literacy development. In addition, students also can take ownership of their learning journey on the student dashboard which enhances their sense of accomplishment and determination to reach the goals they've set.

Charnese Green, English HOD, Ittihad Private School Al Mamzar, Dubai

One huge benefit of Achieve3000 is the reporting which is instant, comprehensive, and user-friendly. Teachers and administrators can track progress and identify trends in order to plan intervention and curricular enhancement. Teachers can also set targets for the students and, by sharing certain reports, allow students to monitor their own progress.

Tatiana Nikolskaya, Head of English and Humanities, Al Khaleej National School, Dubai

I've been using Achieve3000 since the company was new. I have always admired the way that Achieve3000 has changed with our changing students and the demands of improving comprehension. Achieve3000 is used to support what I teach in my classroom. I also love that the students can track their own progress every month.

Leilani Nissen, Mesa Unified School District #4

The training I received from Nikki yesterday was very helpful and will be invaluable going forward! I learned many of the features available for “customizing” to accommodate the individual needs of the students. I also learned about the detailed reports that are available for teachers and school administrators. I was energized by the end of the training and can’t wait to utilize what I learned. I will definitely recommend the program!

Wendi Keirburke, Inglewood Unified School District

I am an Achieve 3000 groupie. Over the last 5 years, I have seen students' lexile scores and FSAELA scores rise. When the program is used correctly by the teacher, students learn to read. Achieve 3000 also, listens to the teachers and continuously makes changes to the program so that our students are given the best strategies for reading comprehension.

Susan Winters, Nassau County Public Schools

I absolutely love your platform and know how effective it is for supporting our ELL students. I love the PD opportunities that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our schools. Thank you!

Judith Gomez, Palm Beach County School District-Multi Cultural Education

Achieve3000 has been a wonderful company to work with during the pandemic and the move to digital learning. Our consultants have gone above and beyond to make sure our students and teachers have had the support they need to continue with learning and growing in these difficult times.

Sheila Steirer, Osceola County School District

I have really enjoyed working with Achieve3000 over the past years. I have appreciated the visits from the support staff to train our teachers and the ongoing support I have always received as the school administrator for the program. We are a smaller school (an alternative center usually maxing out at 70 students), but I have seen how Achieve3000 can improve a student's reading ability and also ignite their interest in reading. When teachers from other schools ask about ways to improve their student's reading abilities, I always mention Achieve3000.

Scott Jenrette, Harlandale Ind School District